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Now that the off-season is in full swing we can get back to one of my favorite — you may say only — regular features: “5 Tweets With…” I did a few of these last year and received some positive feedback, both here and on Facebook, that readers thoroughly enjoy learning about the young men who may one day wear a Brewers jersey and take the field in Miller Park.

When I first started following Tommy Toledo on Twitter I knew I wanted to “Twitterview” him if for no other reason than his name is. It’s one of those names that you just have to say both names every time, just for effect. Those of you who have read enough of my posts already are thinking, “Toledo, huh? How long ‘til he asks him about Klinger?” Well, you are partially correct because it was one of my first thoughts to ask him just that, but the chances the 6-foot-3, 190-pound right-hander wouldn’t get the reference outweighed my desire to inquire, so there will be no “M.A.S.H.” questions here.

Tommy Toledo was born in Tampa, Fla., about five years after “M.A.S.H.” ended its historic run, or 1988 for those who use regular calendars. Tommy Toledo was chosen by the San Diego Padres in the third round of the 2007 amateur draft but opted to go to college and play for his home state team, the Florida Gators. Tommy Toledo put up decent numbers during his freshman season, only to find out during the off-season that he had suffered a torn labrum in his shoulder.

After missing all of 2009 he was ready to get back at it in 2010, only to suffer another injury just a month after his return. During a game in South Carolina Tommy Toledo was struck in the face by a line drive, which caused several fractures and ultimately required doctors to insert several plates into his cheek. Tommy Toledo dropped a few pounds because of the difficulty eating, but was back on the mound two months later.

That toughness may have been part of what the Brewers liked when they selected him in the 11th round of the 2011 amateur draft. Tommy Toledo spent the majority of 2012 with the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers in Appleton before being promoted to the Brevard County Manatees later in the season. Tommy Toledo finished the 2012 season with a 9-2 record and a 3.36 ERA in 32 games pitched. Introducing Mr. Tommy Toledo…

Me: Where do you spend the off-season? What’s your typical day?

I have spent the last two off-seasons at home in Tampa . It’s nice to spend time with family. I work out and condition almost everyday so that keeps me busy until my throwing program starts up. I also work part-time at Sports Authority.

Me: You put up some good numbers last year. Do you have a favorite game?

Tommy: I think my favorite game was playing in Miller Park at the beginning of the season with the Timber Rattlers. It was a great experience and I was glad my parents were able to make the trip for that one.

Me: I see you tweet about the Dolphins. I assume you agree that Dan Marino in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” (or even “Little Nicky”) is far better than Brett Favre in “There’s Something About Mary”? Greatest QB cameo of all time?

Tommy: Hahaha definitely! Ace Ventura is still one of my favorites!

Me: Do you know where you will start this season?

Tommy: No I’m not sure yet where I’ll be starting, but I’m looking forward to spring training and getting the season started!

Me: Be straight with me, did the line drive to the face help or hurt with the ladies?

Tommy: Haha well it definitely didn’t help! But most people don’t even know about it or even notice anymore. The surgeons did a great job. I was very lucky.

Me: What did you think of Wisconsin during your time in Appleton? Best cheese curds in the world?

Tommy: Wisconsin was great! The fans were awesome and the cheese curds were phenomenal! I was very fortunate to play there.

Me: Cool. I won’t bother you any more brother. I’ll write this up and tweet it to you! Thanks a TON for your time!

Tommy: Yeah man, no problem! Glad I could help!

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